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Addicted to food: Is that even possible…?

Organic Calories sprouted out of the dream of fining niche food combinations for athletic performance on national level. I simply wanted to be the best (it could also be said in the present tense as I still want to be the best).

During this process of experimentation, I fell into the hole I had dug myself. I had developed an eating disorder. Nat guud. Lucky me as I soon discovered that this hole would come to be a blowhole! Let me explain:

After picking up approximately 20% of my bodyweight in 8 months, I dropped all of that in 3. How did I do this? Simple – I moved more and ate less. But how simple is this really?

What I did through this process of self-discovery if find the healthiest meals I could, with no compromise on satisfying those good old taste buds. I specifically did the kinds of fitness that capitulates my entire mind and makes me forget about the rush and chaos going around, above or below me. What I discovered is Organic Calories.

The Organic refers to anything natural – straight from nature; the Calories refers to your body’s fuel: food for performance. We want to achieve greatness in harmony with nature.

To be my best I want to minimize waste – macronutrients and micronutrients lost along the food processing chain. When you consume food from its natural source there is no need to have guilt about making the best choice – you ARE making the best choice!

“So, what is Orgca all about?” you may ask. Well, my friend, it is about finding those combinations of food that are both healthy and satisfying, leaving you guilt free.

In extended terms it means finding and eating food combinations that are as close to nature as possible, yet still bringing you the satisfaction of a McDonalds Happy Meal AND not burning holes in your pocket like a Kauai trip tends to do.

This is our mission. You can be part of it too, but only if you desire to be your best every single day.

See my full struggle here.

Be your best

Live naturally ever after

Henry le Roux

eat less, move more, eat lots of fruit and vegetables

Good diet principles according to Marion Nestle, Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health at New York University: